We have never had such weather conditions during an October contest. So warm and calm that it could be in July easily!
The results were fine, though!



Starting as usual on Friday with loading the vans the "Gotha Team" arrived Saturday morning 0700 UTC on "our" Mt. Schneekopf. Weather conditions were excellent as forecasted. While erecting the first 23cm mast the next crew members arrived and shortly all were busy with antennas, dishes, masts and lots of cables. All went smooth so far until 0900 UTC. But then, Roland, DK4RC, was caught in a traffic jam for abt. 2 hours with the 13/6cm eqiupment. This delay was serious and we had a lot of trouble finishing the works until 1400 UTC. Right a few minutes before start everything was ready, well done!

After one week of good conds the situation during the contest weekend was more or less normal and far from expected. Running 3 antenna systems on 70cm and 2 systems on 23cm gave good QSO rates during the first hour:



As you can see on the diagrams, the QSO rates were falling rapidly after the first hours (especially on 70cm). See the low rates during the last hours. This is an indicator for lack of stations.
Regardless the conditions we were busy on all bands until 0100 UTC. The report i to refine in the next days.

All in all the results were excellent, see the hardcopy of the claimed scores below:



This is the end of the contest season for the team. You will find some of us in Marconi contest though. We will use the next months for refurbishing and updating the equipment.

73 es gl for 2012!


crew october2011

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